“Sir Jim Ratcliffe have to meet his father Mason Greenwood’s return because he cannot afford to lose him. He will actually play better than any of these players and I have not doubts he will start firing at all corners”-Former Man Utd player claims Mason Greenwood would ‘instant impact’ as he is set to returned to Old Trafford after a meeting with Mason Greenwood’s Father.

Paul Parker, a former Manchester United defender, has suggested that Mason Greenwood could have an “instant impact” if he were to return to Old Trafford, although he acknowledges that the decision to allow his return is “such a difficult one.”

Currently on a season-long loan at La Liga side Getafe, Greenwood’s departure from United came after an internal investigation led the club to conclude that he would leave by mutual consent. This followed a period of absence from the team since January 2022, preceding his arrest on suspicion of rape and assault.

Despite the charges being discontinued in February the following year, Greenwood’s future at United remains uncertain. Speaking to The Athletic, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the new minority owner of United and head of footballing operations, emphasized that the club would make a “fresh decision” on Greenwood’s future, guided by their values and a thorough understanding of the situation.

In an interview with Gambling.com, Parker, who played over a hundred games for United during the 1990s, reflected on the potential impact of Greenwood’s return. He expressed confidence in Greenwood’s ability, suggesting that his presence could significantly benefit the team. However, Parker also acknowledged the complexity of the decision, given the circumstances surrounding Greenwood’s departure and subsequent legal issues.

He emphasized Greenwood’s potential on the pitch, describing him as capable of outperforming others in a single match compared to their season-long contributions. Despite the footballing benefits, Parker recognizes the broader implications and challenges involved in making a decision regarding Greenwood’s future at the club.

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