“He always does the same thing. It’s very obvious that he doesn’t want to very Manchester United player SLAMMED for “same old” performance vs Forest

However, earlier in the match, Alan Shearer shifted his focus to Antony after the winger was substituted during the 70th minute.

“Well, he might be disappointed he’s coming off, but he hasn’t done anywhere near enough to warrant staying on the pitch tonight,” Shearer commented during the BBC broadcast.

“Same old, same old. Get the ball, come inside, pass it to someone else or have a shot. It’s not enough when you cost that much money.”

Antony was acquired by United for £86 million during the summer of 2024, following Erik ten Hag’s insistence that the club secure the player at any cost. However, Antony has struggled to meet expectations thus far.

Next up, the club is set to face Liverpool in the quarter-finals, with the match scheduled to take place at Old Trafford on the weekend of March 16th.

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