VIDEO | The ultimate theft of the year: No penalty awarded to Liverpool.

The atmosphere at Anfield was electric as Liverpool and Manchester United clashed in a highly anticipated match that ended in a tense 0-0 draw. The pivotal moment unfolded when Luke Shaw, the Manchester United defender, found himself in a contentious situation involving a handball.As the ball approached, Shaw inadvertently made contact with it using his hand, triggering a collective gasp from the spectators.In a surprising turn of events, the referee opted not to award a penalty, leading to a mixture of relief and frustration echoing throughout Anfield. This decision, or lack thereof, caught both sets of supporters off guard.

The referee’s choice, or rather the absence of a penalty decision for Shaw’s handball, became the focal point of heated discussions among fans, pundits, and players alike.

The controversy surrounding the incident added an extra layer of suspense to the already intense match. Liverpool fans vehemently advocated for a penalty, underscoring its potential impact on the game’s outcome, while Manchester United supporters celebrated the referee’s decision.

The referee’s non-call on Shaw’s handball emerged as a central narrative, heightening the intrigue and controversy surrounding the game. This kept both sets of fans on edge as they anxiously followed the unfolding events of the match.