“I have to finally tell the club the truth. It was a very big issue that nobody knows about. The problem keep on killing all the big players that comes to play here just like me. This is what they need to do to get back to their feet again, if not they will remain like these for years just like Arsenal”-Ex-Man United Keeper David De Gea exposes Manchester United biggest problem at Old Trafford as he told them what to do to get the club back to the top

Ondrej Mastny, a former Manchester United academy graduate, has expressed his determination to prove doubters at Old Trafford wrong.

Mastny joined Manchester United from FC Vysocina Jihlava in 2018 at the age of 16, initially as the U18s goalkeeper. However, his time at Old Trafford was challenging.

Injuries hindered his progress in the first season, while the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted his performances in the second.

Despite these setbacks, Mastny became a regular player for both the U18s and U21s during his third season, participating in various competitions.

Reflecting on his time in England, Mastny admitted feeling down when not playing but found renewed motivation upon returning home to Jihlava in 2023.

Despite the challenges of adapting to a new country and language, Mastny valued the support and guidance he received from senior players like David de Gea during first-team sessions.

However, the lack of playing time ultimately led Mastny to make the difficult decision to return to Vysočina Jihlava.

Although leaving Manchester United was not easy, Mastny prioritized playing regular football and is satisfied with his current situation, focusing on his desire to showcase his abilities on the pitch.

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