“I can’t believe Marcus Rashford tried to kill me. Am shocked right now. He needs.to be in jain”-Manchester United star career in jeopardy as YouTuber accuses Marcus Rashford of trying to kill him after doing business with him and explains how he tried to escape.

The individual who purchased the wrecked Rolls Royce belonging to Manchester United star Marcus Rashford has been involved in a significant car crash.

Rashford had crashed the £700,000 Rolls Royce back in September 2023 while driving home after United’s victory over Burnley. Following the accident, the car was declared a write-off and sold at an auction for £184,000.

YouTuber Mat Armstrong acquired the vehicle and endeavored to restore it.

After his video documenting the rebuild gained viral attention, Rashford’s team reached out to Armstrong offering assistance and spare parts from the recovered car.

Armstrong then posted a video of himself attempting to drive the Rolls Royce after receiving support from Rashford’s team.

However, in his latest video, Armstrong experienced an accident in his own Lamborghini Gallardo. Despite the car sustaining damage, Armstrong appeared to emerge from the accident uninjured.

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