“It was meant to be a screet until finalize the deal. Its a dream club and I learned a new language because of them. I can’t wait to star…”BREAKING NEW as Zinedine Zidane finally reveals his new club to the fans as Erik ten Hag departure is aroud the corner amid INEOS ‘dream’ interest

Zinedine Zidane has clarified his position regarding a potential move to Manchester United amid reports that INEOS harbors aspirations of him leading the club.

The former Real Madrid manager has been without a managerial role since his departure from the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in 2021. His name has resurfaced in discussions as Erik ten Hag, the current United manager, faces scrutiny due to the team’s recent struggles.

INEOS, the club’s new owners, reportedly have a keen interest in Zidane, with speculation suggesting they envision him as a dream candidate to take charge at Old Trafford. However, Zidane has previously expressed reservations about a move to United, citing language barriers as a potential obstacle.

During the summer of 2022, Zidane addressed rumors linking him to United, stating, “Would I want to go to Manchester [United]? I understand English, but I’m not completely fluent in it.” He emphasized the importance of effective communication in his managerial approach, suggesting that language proficiency is a crucial factor in achieving success.

While Zidane’s managerial credentials are highly regarded, his stance on language proficiency underscores his commitment to ensuring optimal communication within the team environment.

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