“It was all planned. They only wanted to get in and get rid of the glazers and get Sheikh Jassim to buy the club”-Ex-Man Utd bidder has been caught holding a secret talk with Sir Jim Ratcliffe over ‘very significant’ offer that will see their plans of buying the club successful.

A businessman vying to acquire Manchester United expresses interest in engaging Sir Jim Ratcliffe in discussions regarding a potentially substantial offer.Earlier this week, the Football Association approved the £1.3 billion acquisition of a 25 percent minority share in Manchester United by Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s INEOS group.

This approval marked the final step following the successful passage of the Premier League’s ownership tests.INEOS is set to oversee the footballing operations of the club and will have a role in influencing the business operations managed by the Glazer family.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe struck a deal with the Glazers after Sheikh Jassim withdrew his bid, concluding a protracted bidding process. Now, Thomas Zilliacus, who opted out of the third round of takeover bidding in April due to a lack of response from the Glazers, expresses interest in conversing with Ratcliffe.

A key element of Zilliacus’ proposal was a fan inclusion scheme aimed at granting supporters a greater say in the club’s governance. Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, the 67-year-old disclosed plans for an app designed to provide fans with increased control in exchange for a fee.Under this scheme, fans would weigh in on matters such as transfer strategies and dividends, though not managerial decisions.

Zilliacus expressed eagerness to discuss his fan monetization platform with Ratcliffe’s team, highlighting its potential to generate substantial revenues for Manchester United.He mentioned successfully testing the model at an undisclosed top Italian club, where five percent of the fan base paid $400 to participate.

Extrapolating from United’s estimated billion-strong fanbase, Zilliacus envisions significant revenue potential.Currently focused on Inter Milan, Zilliacus has shifted his attention away from Premier League clubs, submitting a formal bid to acquire 100 percent ownership of Inter Milan for approximately £1.2 billion.

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