“Am his bother. I know everything that is going on. Stop spreading fake News”-Alejandro Garnacho’s brother hits out at ‘fake’ Lionel Messi claim.

Alejandro Garnacho’s brother has asked people to “stop making stuff to create hate” after claims emerged regarding Lionel Messi’s Instagram activity.Earlier this week, former United defender Rio Ferdinand claimed his son had told him that Messi had unfollowed Garnacho on the social media platform.

Back in April 2022, it was claimed that the eight-time Ballon d’Or winner had unfollowed Garnacho on social media because he posted a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo and labelled Portugal’s all-time goalscorer the greatest of all time.

And on Monday, Ferdinand reacted to Garnacho’s decision to copy Ronaldo’s celebration against Everton on his Vibe with Five podcast.”My lad said to me… he said Messi’s unfollowed him,” Ferdinand said.”He said Messi’s unfollowed him! Because he [Garnacho] comes out, doesn’t care, ‘I’m a Ronaldo man’. Who’s the GOAT? Ronaldo… when he’s in the Argentina squad.”

A day later and Alejandro Garnacho’s brother, Roberto, has responded to the claim.”Fake. Messi never followed him,” he wrote on X. “Stop making stuff up just to create hate. Garna loves and admires both of them and you all trying to create a rivalry.”

“This isn’t even targeted to Rio specifically. It was just the incorrect info on Garna’s name about this from many people in general. I wanted to just make it clear.”Roberto added: “I’ve even seen videos of Messi showing the World Cup to Garna. Mate if you knew how we celebrated it at home.”Ferdinand has since responded, saying: “Was sarcasm bro…”

Shortly after Garnacho scored his goal of the season contender against Everton, former Juventus midfielder Arturo Vidal said the Argentine should have celebrated the goal in a “different way”.He said: “The only bad thing or what I didn’t understand is why he celebrates like Cristiano? He has to make his own name.

He is an already great player.”It’s good that he is his idol, respect for that, but then he has to make his name. How are you going to celebrate a goal and remember it? I don’t know, celebrate it another way.”But it was a great goal, it was a great goal.”

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