I can’t believe that five of this players are still at then club buy now. I wanted to self them but the club refused and sacked me instead. A lot of Manchester United players have lost their jobs because of this players. They are virus to the club”-Jose Mourinho digs out five Man Utd players he didn’t want ‘six years ago’ still at club now

Jose Mourinho has criticized his former Manchester United players who remain at the club more than five years after his departure from Old Trafford. The ‘Special One’ was dismissed in December 2018 following a lack of progress since his successful 2016/17 season, during which the Red Devils clinched both the League Cup and Europa League.


During his tenure, Mourinho faced prominent conflicts with players and frequently expressed frustration with then-chief executive Ed Woodward’s lack of support in the transfer market, despite securing the club record signing of Paul Pogba for £89 million.


However, the failure to secure Virgil van Dijk, who joined Liverpool instead, was a significant setback. Instead, Victor Lindelof was acquired from Benfica for £30 million, alongside players like Anthony Martial, Scott McTominay, and Marcus Rashford, who remained at the club following Mourinho’s departure.


In an interview with the Telegraph, Mourinho hinted that the retention of certain players was detrimental to the club’s current struggles, suggesting that United has regressed since his exit. “There are still a couple of players there I didn’t want five or six years ago,” he remarked. “I believe they embody qualities that aren’t ideal for a club of this stature. However, I fulfilled my duties there. Time always reveals the truth. I would love for Manchester United to thrive.”


Mourinho, currently without a managerial position after departing Roma earlier in the season, also criticized Woodward, suggesting that Erik ten Hag has benefited from a more supportive structure than he experienced at United. “My personal relationship with Ed Woodward was positive. However, professionally, it was lacking. I am deeply passionate about football, but Ed comes from a different background. Ten Hag’s experience at Manchester United was different from mine. I didn’t have that level of backing or trust, so I departed with regret, feeling that I was just at the beginning of a process.”


While Mourinho did lead United to a second-place finish in his second season, an accomplishment he once regarded as among his best in football, the club’s current position, seventh in the league, contrasts sharply with those heights.


Although he has not ruled out a return to management, Mourinho remains elusive about his future plans. Some Chelsea fans have even voiced support for his potential return to Stamford Bridge, expressing discontent towards current manager Mauricio Pochettino.

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