“That Jersey was the fan favourite and I don’t why this must happen. It’s so heart breaking”-Why Man Utd will stop wearing their green away kit for the rest of the season

Manchester United has made the decision to retire their controversial away kit for the remainder of the season due to a straightforward rationale.


Following their disappointing 1-1 draw against Brentford on Saturday, marking their 14th occasion dropping points this season, the team donned their green and white striped away kit for what now appears to be its final outing. This choice of attire garnered mixed reactions from United fans, with some expressing dissatisfaction over its perceived deviation from the club’s traditional identity, while others attributed the kit to a string of unfortunate results.


According to the Daily Mail, United will no longer feature in this kit as their upcoming away fixtures do not necessitate it. Matches against Chelsea, Brighton, and Coventry City in the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley will see United don their iconic red strip, as no kit clashes are anticipated. Furthermore, for encounters with Bournemouth and Crystal Palace, United will opt for their white third kit to avoid color similarity with the opposition’s home attire.


While the retirement of the contentious away kit may bring relief to its detractors, Manchester United still faces an arduous challenge in securing a top-four finish and securing Champions League qualification. With 11 league defeats already recorded this season, the team must tread cautiously to evade setting an undesirable club record of 13 losses in a single campaign.

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