“He was something that i can’t forget in my life. I can’t believe it”-Why I refused to take picture with Cristiano Ronaldo, Rooney – Rashford

Marcus Rashford, the Manchester United star, recently shared an insightful anecdote about his early days in the academy, revealing why he declined the opportunity to take a photo with club legends Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney. Speaking to Players Tribune, Rashford explained that he foresaw himself sharing the same dressing room with them one day, rather than just posing for a picture.

The pivotal moment came to fruition when Rashford made his senior team debut for Manchester United on February 25, 2016, seizing the opportunity by scoring two goals on his debut. Over the years, Rashford not only played alongside the two United icons but also emerged as one of the club’s senior figures. Since his debut, he has appeared in 391 matches for the Red Devils, netting an impressive tally of 128 goals.

Reflecting on the past, Rashford recounted the encounter with Rooney and Ronaldo, admitting to being in awe of their presence. Despite his brother’s encouragement to capture the moment with a photo, Rashford remained steadfast in his belief, asserting, “I don’t need a picture. … I’m going to be playing alongside them someday.”

This story highlights Rashford’s unwavering self-belief and determination, showcasing the journey from a starry-eyed academy prospect to a pivotal figure in the storied history of Manchester United.

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