“This is the type of players we will be signing from now on. I have talked with Erik Ten Hag and he totally agree with me. We both love those two players”-Sir Jim Ratcliffe: INEOS leader names his two favourite Manchester United players as he plans to make massive buys for Erik ten Hag

Sir Jim Ratcliffe named his two favourite Manchester United players as he addressed the media ahead of the club’s 2-2 draw against Tottenham Hotspur.Ratcliffe, 71, is awaiting his 25 per cent stake in United to be ratified by Premier League authorities but was in attendance for the first time since a deal with the Glazer family had been struck.The new stakeholder sat alongside legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson and would’ve seen more negatives than positives against a Spurs team that dominated the game

The British billionaire, unlike the current American owners, seems likely to be involved in the Football Club. He addressed the media before the game and is likely to be more transparent going forward with the full sporting control of the club in his hands.Asked several questions by those outlets before the encounter, Ratcliffe was open with some questions although had to remain tight-lipped on others.

First of all, he was happy to be in the building, although might’ve been surprised at the level of performance from the team against one they are historically known to get the better of. “First match for me since we got here. I am very excited to be here,” he started. “Big match. We normally do well against Spurs.”Asked how long he was planning for this move, Ratcliffe insisted: “A few years. Taken a few turns, as you know, but these things take some doing.

I can’t come [to games] all the time because I have some other things. But I will come.”The British billionaire then received an easier question, ‘Who’s your favourite player?’ the journalist said.Ratcliffe, expectedly, named Eric Cantona, as his love for the iconic player is well documented, even naming the company he used to purchase his stake in the club dedicated to Cantona.

He also named Paul Scholes alongside the famous Frenchman, however. “[Paul] Scholes [and] Eric [Cantona] probably.”

Ratcliffe had to also hold back on some answers. “It’s not appropriate to answer that,” he responded when asked about his first impressions of Carrington and Old Trafford.Then questioned on his and INEOS‘ ability to influence the club in the January transfer market, he said: “I can’t comment

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