“Reason behind Garnacho sensational Goal that shocked the world of football. Same reason Marcus Rashford scored a lot of goals last season”-What Benni McCarthy told Alejandro Garnacho before Man Utd bicycle kick.

Manchester United coach Benni McCarthy criticised Alejandro Garnacho for practising bicycle kicks in training before the Everton game.The Reds won 3-0 against The Toffees and Garnacho produced the moment of the match — perhaps the moment of the season — when he leapt in the air inside three minutes.The teenager stunned Goodison Park when his acrobatic effort flew into the top right-hand corner of Jordan Pickford’s net.

Gary Neville described the goal as the best overhead kick ever and it is certainly a fair argument to make when you consider the several steps backwards the Argentine had to make before taking flight.For that, he had teammate Diogo Dalot to thank as the right-back sent a cross slightly behind his young teammate.

Without that there would be no potential (or likely) Goal of the Season.However, Dalot has in fact revealed that the day before the game, Garnacho was practicing his overhead efforts, much to the frustration of forward coach Benni McCarthy.

McCarthy, an ex-pro who was experienced in his centre-forward play, wanted the young star to make a habit of heading the ball at the back post instead, a much more conventional and reliable way to score goals. However, like many great players, Garnacho seems a little stubborn.“To be honest, [on Saturday] the forwards were training with Benni McCarthy and he was complaining about Garnacho: ‘He doesn’t head the ball…back post, you just want to do bicycle kicks!’” Dalot revealed to the Premier League’s Matchday Live show.

“He showed [McCarthy] that he can do it and it was fantastic for him,” the full-back added.Garnacho was delighted after the game but also simply displayed shock at the goal he scored.“I can’t believe it to be honest. Oh my god,” he told Sky Sports during his post-match interview.

Meanwhile, captain Bruno Fernandes added: “A goal like this silences the crowd. I’m very proud of him and I’m glad he’s on my side.”

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