“This shows that Erik ten Hag has been the best coach in Premier League. If not for VAR Drama, they could have been at the top of the league”-Goal for Manchester United against Fulham that was controversially disallowed due to VAR errors shows how bad they have been to Manchester United as fans are petitioning for VAR to END.

Erik ten Hag’s tenure at Manchester United has hit a rough patch recently. The team entered today’s Premier League match against Fulham after suffering two consecutive 3-0 home defeats at the hands of Manchester City and Newcastle.

During the game, a pivotal moment occurred when a free-kick was played to the far post and then redirected by Alejandro Garnacho to a Scottish international player.

The VAR review appeared to detect a United player in an offside position during the build-up. Some suggestions have pointed to Harry Maguire as the potential offender, even though he didn’t make contact with the ball.

This turn of events could understandably leave the Manchester United manager feeling a sense of injustice.

Erik ten Hag, who has been tasked with revitalizing Manchester United’s fortunes, has been facing a challenging period in his managerial journey.

The team’s recent performance, marked by those back-to-back 3-0 losses to Manchester City and Newcastle, has undoubtedly raised questions about the team’s form and the manager’s strategies.In the match against Fulham, a moment of controversy emerged when a free-kick was executed, leading to an opportunity for a Scottish international player. However, the introduction of VAR added a layer of complexity.

The video review appeared to uncover an offside position held by a Manchester United player during the build-up. While Harry Maguire has been suggested as the possible offender, it’s noteworthy that he did not make contact with the ball.This incident might leave Erik ten Hag, the United boss, with valid feelings of discontent.

In the world of football, contentious decisions, such as those involving offside calls, can significantly influence the outcome of matches and impact a manager’s perspective on the fairness of the game.In the broader context, Manchester United’s recent struggles on the field are part of the narrative. Consecutive 3-0 defeats at their home ground, especially to local rivals like Manchester City and Newcastle, are certainly cause for concern.

The pressure on Erik ten Hag to reverse the team’s fortunes and find the winning formula is mounting.Managing a high-profile club like Manchester United comes with enormous expectations and scrutiny. Every decision, every result, and every moment of controversy are intensely analyzed by fans, pundits, and the media.For Erik ten Hag, this recent episode highlights the challenges and frustrations that can arise in the high-stakes world of football management.

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