“I am responsible ….This is how am going to fix it …” – Erik ten Hag makes mentality admission with latest injury updates on which players are to return against Brentford and Sancho’s return date.

Erik ten Hag has admitted that he knows he is responsible for making sure that players at Manchester United have the right mentality.Manchester United‘s players have been questioned of late with respect to their mentality, with multiple moments this season showing that the squad have moments of panic which often lead to mistakes and goals.This was evident during Erik ten Hag‘s 3-2 defeat against Galatasaray, where, despite taking the lead twice at Old Trafford, the team panicked and slipped up, leading to the eventual loss.

Speaking in his pre-match press conference ahead of the Brentford tie, Ten Hag readily admitted that he knows it is his job to make sure the right mentality exists.

“I am responsible that we have the right mentality,” he said on Friday afternoon. “My communication, my demands, my standards.“It is my standards, that I demand from the players and in the togetherness and with the communication together. Now I have to set that and that the right mentality is there. So and I give my 100 per cent effort every day to get that in.”

Although there have been questions about the security of Ten Hag’s job, club sources have stated that the Dutch manager is in no threat of losing his position as he has credit in the bank from a successful campaign during 2022/23 – and the manager has explained that the fans still believe in his team.

“I think the fans are backing us and the fans are behind us. That is what I feel. And so and I’m sure that these players can be mentally very strong.“I have the experience from last season and they were on many occasions, many games. They were mentally very strong.”

Erik ten Hag on Jadon Sancho: “I am sorry but there’s nothing [that has] changed and he’s not available, so he’s not part [of the squad]. So I don’t have any comment on that.

Erik Ten Hag on injury returns after the international break:“Not straight after the international but [they] will during the international break. I think they will step up players into the squad. Yeah.”

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