Breaking News as Football fans discovered that they can make £15,000 in easy side hustle on matchdays.

Living close to stadiums allows football fans to engage in a lucrative side business that might bring in an additional £15,000. Living close to football stadiums allows fans to take advantage of having a temporary parking lot on their property during games.When parking spots are all taken, homeowners start renting out their driveways to game-going fans, making astronomical profits in the process.Fans looking for parking for crowded game days will find YourParkingSpace to be the ideal solution because it enables cars to locate and book spots.

A local who lives close to Liverpool’s Anfield is said to have made close to £300,000 by renting out their driveway to football fans.Merseyside residents have made a total of £280,751 since they first listed their available locations.One property owner near the Emirates Stadium of Arsenal has earned almost £15,000 since registering her space in 2017.

Residents who live near Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge received £200,000 for renting out their driveways.People close to the Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium have also benefited, picking up £175,000 for letting fans use their driveways.Locals who are within touching distance of West Ham United’s London Stadium made £170,000 through the site while homeowners near Brentford’s Gtech Community Stadium earned £150,000.

CEO of YourParkingSpace Brannan Coady believes the rental scheme is a great way of earning extra money and even said it’s a lucrative ploy for Championship grounds too.”The Premier League is the greatest league in the world – fans come from across the globe to come see teams play,” he said.”And empty driveways near stadiums offer homeowners a great opportunity to score some extra money.”But it’s not just Premiership grounds – if you drop down into the Championship, earnings can be just as impressive, and sometimes better, than some teams in the Premiership.”

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