“FINALLY”: Cristiano Ronaldo has finally explained the origin of his iconic ‘Siiuuu’ celebration

Cristiano Ronaldo has used his iconic ‘Siiuuu’ celebration throughout the second part of his career – but where does the celebration originate from?The Portuguese legend began using the celebration during his time at Real Madrid, and took it with him to mark goals with Juventus, Manchester United and current club Al Nassr.He hasn’t restricted its usage to on the field of play, however. After collecting his 2014 Ballon d’Or award at a FIFA ceremony, Ronaldo let a scream – which he later clarified was the celebration he performed at Real Madrid.It has been imitated by other players on numerous occasions, including by Real Madrid star Rodrygo when he opened the scoring in a Champions League quarter final tie against Chelsea in April.

Last year, Ronaldo adopted a new celebration, called the ‘nap’. After scoring, the 38-year-old stands upright, before holding both hands across his chest and closing his eyes. Manchester United’s official website described the celebration as an ‘in joke’ surrounding the amount of naps the forward has.

He also performs a variant of that celebration, which is a combination of the ‘Siiuuu’ and the ‘nap’.But where does the ‘Siiuuu’ initially come from – and why did Ronaldo use it for so many years?

Ronaldo explains ‘Siiuuu’ celebration As part of a 2019 interview with YouTube channel SOCCER.COM, Ronaldo took part in a segment in which he answered a series of rapid questions.One of the questions surrounded the ‘Siiuuu’ celebration and where it originated from.

The Real and United legend replied: “I was in the USA and we played against Chelsea. I don’t know where this came from, the celebration.

“I just scored a goal and I did this, and I did ‘yes’, ‘Siiuuu’!

“But it was natural, to be honest, it was natural. And since that, I start to do it and I feel the supporters and the fans, when they see me, they’re like, ‘Cristiano, Siiuuu!'”I say, ‘Wow, people are reminded of Cristiano because of the Siiuuu!’ So it’s good, I continue like that.”

Ronaldo still utilises the celebration as very much part of his post-goalscoring routine – and fans will hope to continue seeing him perform the ‘Siiuuu’ until the end of his playing career.

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