Footage shows The Glazers woes to Man Utd fans as they walked through toilet that was ‘flooded with urine’ at Old Trafford

A fan walked into Old Trafford toilets on Sunday to “an inch of urine” on the floor ahead of Manchester United’s Premier League clash against Southampton.

Twitter user and United season ticket holder @ste_conlon posted footage of the scene at around 1:48pm on Sunday afternoon, where you can clearly see liquid bubbling up through a drainage system.

He described it as scenes “the Glazers don’t want you to see” before claiming it has happened a number of times in the past.

He wrote: “Just arrived at Old Trafford and not for the first time the toilets are over flooded with an inch of urine al over the floor. Disgusting to see. This is what the Glazers don’t want you to see. It’s that bad and has happened so many times I had to video it.”

Since being uploaded to Twitter, the footage has picked up over 3.3 million views at the time of writing, with hundreds of fans commenting on the post.

One wrote: “It was like this in 2015 when I was working there, it’s disgusting,” while another said: “It’s horrendous especially since I have to take my daughter in there. It’s a genuine hygiene issue and I’m appalled it hasn’t been fixed yet been like this for ages.”

A third commented: “I’d say this is more an issue for the plumbers than the Glazers.”

A fourth added: “Blimey! What stand was this in? I’m in upper tier of Stretford End and thankfully never had such a problem.”

Manchester United has since insisted that the issue was ‘swiftly resolved’ after they were made aware of the blocked drain, according to the Daily Star.

Gary Neville has been vocal about the state of Old Trafford in recent years. In fact, after being asked about the stadium during an Instagram Live last year, the former United defender made his feelings clear.

“There is a story emerging from Old Trafford that they might rebuild the entire stadium and I have just been asked what I think of it,” he said.

“I actually think that it would be the right move. I think by the time that they have spent money on Old Trafford, the existing one, then I think you would be better off building a brand new, better, super stadium.

“I do think that Manchester United should always be at the forefront of stadiums. Have the best facilities and they have fallen behind.”

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