BREAKING NEWS: PGMOL has finally released the VAR Audio for penalty that could have given Liverpool hope of winning the league after a rough tackle from Doku in the dieing minutes against Manchester City[VIDEO] – Reasons for not given a penalty and the points to be shared between Manchester City and Liverpool. “It’s Absolutly not Doku’s fault. VAR Audio is out and it’s one of the worst things I’ve ever listened to.

One observer noted that everyone, even skeptics, will find something to discuss in this incident, highlighting the global fascination surrounding the controversial penalty decision. Roy Keane offered his support for Attwell’s call, while Klopp and Dean vigorously argued for a penalty. Keane, however, acknowledged Klopp’s valid point regarding the height of Doku’s foot and the lack of force in the challenge.

“Klopp makes a valid observation about the foot’s height and the lack of force in the challenge,” Keane admitted in an interview with Sky Sports. “Nevertheless, the authorities have made their decision, and I believe it’s the correct one.”

The ongoing debate over the penalty call exemplifies the fervent discourse that characterizes football fandom worldwide, with enthusiasts analyzing every decision and its impact on the game.

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