Gary Neville fumes and criticizes Manchester United’s lack of leadership after Mason Greenwood investigation and final decision

Gary Neville has criticised Manchester United for showing a lack of leadership throughout the Mason Greenwood ordeal, although he believes the club made the right decision.

Manchester United announced on Monday that Mason Greenwood will not play for the club again.That was followed by a statement from chief executive Richard Arnold, who is believed to have made a U-turn after previously deciding to give Greenwood a second chance at Old Trafford.This rightly prompted a fierce backlash from fans.Former United right-back Gary Neville was asked about the situation on Sky Sports last night.“Yes they have (the right decision) they finally got

there,” Neville said, as quoted by the Daily Mail.“However, I would say that the process in getting there has been pretty horrible.“When you have difficult situations like this it requires strong leadership and Manchester United don’t have that.”Neville often spoke out about Ed Woodward when the former chief executive ran the club, but it sounds like he is beginning to point the finger at Richard Arnold – as well the the biggest issue of all, the Glazers.

He also used this to stress the need for a football regulator to help Premier League clubs for future situations of a similar nature.Neville added: “And on an issue like domestic abuse and violence against women, it brings me to a third point that there needs to be independence.“It shouldn’t be that Manchester United are the judge and jury on such a significant issue, not just for themselves but also for the game.“People talk about reputation to Manchester United but it’s the Premier League here as well. And my view here is that on issues of this importance and severity, they should be dealt with independently by a panel.“Because it’s been clear that Manchester United have not had the skill and the ability to deal with this situation properly – it’s been well above their grade of experience and ability.”Neville is right to criticise United for their handling of the situation, which has been a complete mess, but a lot of former players were very quiet on the issue until Monday’s announcement was made. At least Neville is trying to hold some people accountable for their actions throughout the process.

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