‘Paul Pogba is not finished, My last hope are with Manchester United, they are ready to give me one more chance to revive my career’ – Juventus midfielder vows to ‘fight injustice’ of four-year doping ban as he emphatically rules out retirement after meeting up with France squad at Euro 2024 explaining how he meet up with the Manchester United New owners to finilize the case and lift the Four Years ban from football.

Paul Pogba insists he is “not finished” and vows to keep fighting the “injustice” that led to his four-year ban.




The World Cup winner failed a standard doping test in August 2023, with a B sample also coming back positive, resulting in a lengthy suspension from all football-related activity. Pogba is now taking his appeal against this ruling to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).




Pogba is currently prevented from playing and recently appeared in a video where he claimed to be “dead” professionally. He clarifies that the video was poorly edited and that his career is far from over. Pogba told Sky Sport Italia: “If you don’t see a video where I say that I am stopping with football, it’s because I am still a football player. I am still here, still positive, and have an opportunity to fight what I view as an injustice. We’ll see, things will get better. They only put up a part of the interview where I hadn’t even finished speaking yet. Pogba is not finished. Until you see me say I’m finished, don’t worry. I still feel like a player. I am training and in these moments, I must stay positive. I am spending a lot of time with my family, seeing my kids grow up. I am not doing what I love, which is football, but I am eager to get back. I feel like a kid who wants to be a professional.”




Pogba is working on the lowest possible salary at Juventus, as he cannot train or play for them. Reports of his contract being terminated on June 30 were inaccurate. The France international, who attended his country’s last-16 Euro 2024 match against Belgium and visited the squad afterward, added on his club future: “From what I last heard, I am still a Juventus player. You’d have to ask them. I have a contract, but I have not been able to talk yet to the director or the coach. There is silence… I think they are waiting for the appeal. As for the rest, you’d have to ask them.”




Pogba’s ban is set to run until 2027. The former Manchester United star hopes to be back on the field much sooner, but there are numerous legal hurdles to clear before he can return to playing.

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