“Its a very huge offer which he can not accept. Real Madrid are not the only club in the world and we must do everything to sign world class players”-MANCHESTER UNITED OFFERED KYLIAN MBAPPE €700 MILLION PACKAGE TO REJECT REAL MADRID

Manchester United is undoubtedly in need of a new striker to alleviate the pressure on Rasmus Hojlund. But the notion of signing Kylian Mbappe seems highly improbable, to phrase it delicately, and Spanish outlet OkDiario hasn’t shied away from indulging in speculative reports.

According to the Spanish publication, United allegedly presented Mbappe with a staggering €200 million signing-on fee along with a five-year wage package totaling €500 million. This purported offer supposedly occurred over the summer, coinciding with Mbappe’s declaration of his desire to depart Paris Saint-Germain.

As expected, Real Madrid appears to be the frontrunner for his next destination, leaving United largely out of the conversation. While it’s said that one misses every shot they don’t take, United’s ability to make such an offer is questionable given their well-documented financial challenges.

Nevertheless, one aspect of the report that could hold truth is Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s ambitious vision for United. Allegedly, the new owner is keen on making a significant impact at the club, viewing Mbappe as a potential game-changing opportunity.

Even if the reported offer seems far-fetched, engaging in discussions about such astronomical figures would signal a bold statement of intent from the club. It’s worth noting that United’s connections to Mbappe have been mentioned previously, alongside Liverpool, as potential destinations in the Premier League.

Yet, for now, these remain mere aspirations, overshadowed by the stark reality of United’s financial constraints and the unlikelihood of such a high-profile acquisition.

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