“The coach asked me why wanted to leave at this crucial point but what I told him was a big shock to him. He couldn’t believe it”-Marcus Rashford has disclosed the reasons behind his departure from Manchester United. He reveals that he will be joining PSG in the summer due to specific factors.

Reports suggest that Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is considering renewing their interest in Marcus Rashford as they compile a list of potential replacements for Kylian Mbappe, whose future at the club remains uncertain.PSG had previously attempted to lure Rashford to Paris during the summer of 2022 by offering him a lucrative £400,000-per-week contract. While signing Rashford is not the club’s top priority, they are open to the possibility if the England forward expresses interest in a move this summer

Rashford’s impressive performance last season, where he scored 30 goals, prompted Manchester United to secure him on a new contract and position him as one of the key figures for the future.

However, PSG’s need for a striker could become more pressing if Mbappe decides to depart. Mbappe is expected to reveal his decision regarding his contract extension in the summer, with Real Madrid showing long-term interest in the French forward.

Mbappe’s potential departure would leave PSG with a significant void to fill, both in terms of talent and marketability. Despite being recognized as one of United’s hard-working and committed players, Mbappe’s recent controversy during a visit to Belfast has added uncertainty to his future.Nonetheless, Rashford’s recent return to the starting XI and his goal-scoring contribution in the win over Wolves indicate that he remains focused on his on-field performance.

For Rashford, the opportunity to join PSG could represent a new challenge and a chance to compete at the highest level in European football.PSG’s ambition to strengthen their squad with top talent aligns with Rashford’s aspirations to continue his development and compete for major honors.However, any potential move would depend on various factors, including Rashford’s willingness to leave Manchester United and PSG’s ability to negotiate a suitable transfer fee.Overall, PSG’s reported interest in Rashford highlights the dynamic nature of the transfer market and the constant pursuit of top talent by elite clubs. As the summer transfer window approaches,Rashford’s future could become a focal point of speculation and intrigue, with both Manchester United and PSG navigating the complexities of player recruitment and squad building.

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