“Its has been a consistent problem for him and he can’t stop. He needs to learn or will end up like Paul Pogba”-Roy Keane explains how Bruno Fernandes is “killing” Manchester United drawing comparisons with Paul Pogba.

Manchester United legend Roy Keane has criticised current captain Bruno Fernandes for one trait which can cost United points.Speaking on the Stick to Football podcast, the Irishman pointed out Fernandes‘ lack of discipline and lack of awareness off the ball as a problem for the Red Devils.Keane said: “There is a player out there, and if he’s doing all that stuff and producing magic, you almost forgive him.

“But if you’re in a struggling team and you’re doing all that stuff, that’s where it stands out, and you go, ‘you’re killing us, you’re costing us’.”The 52-year-old also pointed out that this has been a consistent problem for the Portuguese midfielder.He said: “I reckon if you look back at his career, he’s done it in every team. It’s a trait – it’s not as if he’s an inexperienced player – leopards and spots.”

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher – a co-host of the podcast – agreed, comparing Fernandes to former Manchester United team-mate Paul Pogba.“I think there’s a difference between a great talent and a great player.“Pogba was a great talent, but I didn’t think he was a great player and the same with Bruno Fernandes.The former England defender described Fernandes as “emotional” and argued that this sometimes distracts fans when the midfielder plays poorly because “he’s working hard”.

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