Good News: Sheikh Jassim plans ‘global fan vote’ on who Manchester United would be signing during Transfers.

Manchester United fans could be soon handed the reigns on transfers, and get to vote on targets, if the buyout of the club goes through.

The Premier League side haven’t had a problem when it comes to spending money in the transfer window in recent years, with Casemiro, Lisandro Martinez and Antony the expensive incomings this season.

However, fans have been angered by the lack of investment from the owners, with all the money coming from what the club generates, whilst the Glazer family take out revenue.

They will be hoping that they can get rid of the Americans in the near future, with the owners looking to sell, and meeting with the front runners this week.

The options seem to be lifelong United fan Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who currently owns Nice, or Qatari ownership through Sheikh Jassim, the country’s former prime minister.

Neither bid is going to be perfect but a whole host of the club’s supporters will be hoping that the Qataris can bring the kind of money that’s been invested in PSG.

The French side have spent a lot on transfers, and wages, and if the potential owners arrive in Manchester with a similar strategy then fans could have a lot of work on their plate.

According to Twitter page FC Qatari, the potential owners have a plan to ‘unite fans’ by using a ‘global voting system for transfer’ targets.

The report goes on to explain that they won’t be directly voting on who the club signs in the transfer window, which makes it a bit better at least.

“Would like to clarify these will be considered in board meetings , for every position they will see what fans prefer but won’t depend on just their opinion,” FC Qatari added.

“Signings will also happen from having the best recruitment structure.

“This system would also ensure where fans outrage for players will be considered high on the agenda like Arnautovic being linked would quickly tell the Man Utd board to have other ideas and no need for emails from fans.

“The manager will also be backed 100% along the way with his suggestion of player high on the agenda in board meetings.”

It sounds like a dangerous model to go down, with the whim of fans not exactly the best way to decide what is needed for a club.

In the past, the transfer strategy thought up by Ed Woodward was often criticised, with the exec seemingly going for big names rather than players who are needed.

Recently that has been changed under Richard Arnold and the club seem to be in a much better position when it comes to signings.

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