“Manchester United fans should know that he is horrible. He is not the man for the club. He will destroy the team before they knew it”-Jamie Carragher destroys Man Utd’s defending under Erik ten Hag which show how bad his style of football is like.

During Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football segment, Jamie Carragher delivered a scathing critique of Manchester United’s defensive performance under Erik ten Hag, following their dramatic defeat to Fulham at Old Trafford.

In the aftermath of United’s 2-1 loss to Fulham, Carragher dissected the defensive lapses during the game, highlighting concerns over the team’s ability to handle counterattacks. He questioned the instructions given to the players, particularly focusing on young midfielder Kobbie Mainoo’s role during kick-off.

Carragher pointed out the team’s lack of pace in defense and a shortage of midfield mobility, identifying these as significant factors contributing to their defensive frailty. He also analyzed the players’ positioning when in possession, noting that they often struggle to receive the ball effectively, leading to vulnerabilities in transitions.

Gael Clichy, a former Manchester City and Arsenal defender, joined Carragher in the analysis, emphasizing the importance of defensive compactness. He highlighted how United’s defensive structure often becomes disjointed, leaving them susceptible to opposition attacks.

Carragher reiterated the significance of defensive compactness, stating that it remains a fundamental aspect of successful defending. He emphasized that maintaining a compact shape is crucial for preventing opposition opportunities and should be prioritized by the team.

In response to the defeat, Erik ten Hag emphasized the team’s resilience and determination to fight back, expressing optimism about the bigger picture. However, Carragher’s analysis underscored the pressing need for defensive improvements and tactical adjustments to address United’s vulnerabilities.

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