The Penalty should be retaken. Andre Onana was off the line”-Fans argue Copenhagen penalty vs Man Utd should have been retaken as new angles emerge

Fans are divided over whether Copenhagen should have been able to retake their penalty against Manchester United in the Champions League on Tuesday after new footage emerged.Onana kept out Jordan Larsson’s 97th minute penalty to secure a 1-0 victory for United – the biggest moment of his career at Old Trafford to date.The moment was particularly sweet for the Cameroonian given the criticism he had received in recent weeks for mistakes in the opening two rounds of the Champions League group stage.And the win finally gives United a platform from which to push on during this season’s competition, having lost both of their opening matches.

Both Onana and goalscorer Harry Maguire received a huge ovation from the Old Trafford faithful as they returned to the dressing room.And when asked about his penalty save, the goalkeeper summed it up by telling TNT Sports: “Just doing my job.”While the save was an excellent one, some fans have raised doubt over whether any part of Onana’s foot was on the line when the spot kick was taken.

The laws of the game state that, when the ball is kicked, ‘the defending goalkeeper must have at least part of one foot touching, in line with, or behind the goal line’.And, showing an angle from the behind the goal, one fan claimed: “Onana is 100% off his line when the ball is struck.”

Although the positioning of the net itself does obscure the view of Onana’s foot, the fan suggests that his right boot is off the line entirely – with his other foot in front of the line.Another fan added: “Onana off his line. VAR gone down the pub?”And a third wrote: “Everyone saying how good Onana’s save was last night. But no-one said how far off his line he was when pen was taken!”Other fans, though, disagreed with the view that the penalty should have been retaken, believing that the goalkeeper’s foot was on the line.

One said: “Nope, his right foot still on the line when ball struck…”Another claimed: “Literally heels on the line.”Other fans, meanwhile, showed footage of United players appearing to be encroaching inside the box as Larsson was about to take the spot kick – though Copenhagen players appear to be in the box as well.

Footage also showed Alejandro Garnacho scuffing up the penalty spot before the kick was taken.VAR didn’t decide there was anything wrong, however, with every penalty checked to review encroachment or whether a goalkeeper has stepped off his line with both feet.The save therefore stood – and United secured a priceless first victory in this season’s Champions League, with a trip to Denmark in November next on the agenda.

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